Surprise Proposal Engagement Session | Samantha & Josh | Kris Kandel Fargo Photography

Now that Josh and Samantha have told their friends and family I can share the story!

Josh contacted me about doing a photo shoot for his girlfriend’s birthday gift, but there was a catch … he wanted to propose in the middle and have me there to catch Sam’s reactions!!

We set up a phone call to figure out a que so he would know I was ready and then he’d drop to his knee. He wanted it to be a surprise so we figured out if I set up a pose where they were looking opposite directions so she wasn’t looking then he could get the ring out and drop to his knee.

So we set up a session at the park. The plan was to start with 5 minutes of photos to warm up, before the moment so Sam wouldn’t suspect. 🙂

Side by side, ok now look opposite directions … Josh quickly whipped out the ring box …

“Will You Marry Me?”

Josh’s grin of a successful surprise says it all. I love how happy they both were!

Time for some engagement photos!!

Congratulations Josh & Sam!! I’m so happy for you!

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