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Sierra & AJ’s wedding at the Romantic Moon Event Center dawned hot and sunny, we kept teasing AJ that he brought the weather up from Texas.

Sierra & AJ opted not to see each other before the ceremony, so while the ladies were getting ready we started photos of the groomsmen (and groom’s lady).

Then the guys took a break and the bridesmaids came out for their photos.

Both Sierra & AJ were full of nerves to see each other by this point in the day, so excited to FINALLY get married!

For the details I set AJ’s watch to the ceremony time of 4:00. It’s those little things that tell a story in an image.

Sierra’s boquet included details from her grandparents and her dad’s shark necklace.

FINALLY time to walk across the bridge to the ceremony and see each other for the first time.

The Scandinavian doors at the Romantic Moon Even Center always remind me of the Lord of the Rings people of Rohan with the Norse horses!

Instead of a sand ceremony or unity candle AJ & Sierra made a PBJ sandwich for their unity ceremony!

And now they are officially married!

Then we had about 45 minutes to do all the photos of the whole wedding party & Bride + Groom portraits.

The golden light of the late afternoon was so pretty down in the trails!


Then we headed inside for the blessed AC,  Reception, Dinner & Dance.

So many happy faces all around the room.

And a few tears when they received messages from friends and family who couldn’t attend in person.

First dances are always so special!

More laughter and tears with the mom’s dances!

And a fun time by everyone at the anniversary dance!

At 8:00 we stepped outside for another 15 minutes of sunset portraits. The Koi pond had fun reflections (I could have actually stood there and watched those fish for an hour, they were so pretty!)

And of course we had to use the bride, one of the iconic pieces at the Romantic Moon Event Center!

A few stolen kisses in the golden glow of the sunset.

Because of the forest fires out west we had this stunning red sun in a pink haze.

And then back inside for some more dance fun!

Thank you so much Sierra & AJ for a fantastic day, being good sports about the heat and all the joy you radiated! I’ll have your full wedding gallery ready to download by the end of the week, until then feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family!


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