Photography Club Assignment: Negative Space

My photography club has taken a bit of a break as everyone is so busy in the fall!! But this week we got a new assignment: Negative Space. In photography negative space is usually a photo where your subject is on the edge or in a corner and the rest of the frame is blank. It breaks the rule of thirds, the center your subject rule, and the fill the frame with your subject rule. Ok it breaks most of the rules. It’s not a technique I use a lot but I’ve always loved it! I usually shoot about 2-5 negative space images at a wedding. They are more artsy, creative, and usually (unfortunately) not the image a couple wants to frame on the wall. But I love it, so I shoot a few. ; )

I’ve had a busy week so I didn’t want to go out looking for a negative space subject, so I gave myself the added challenge of finding something in the house to photograph. Double-trouble-challenge oh yes!

So I picked up an old typewriter (we actually have 3 in the house!) … and took it onto the sun porch where I set it on our old 70’s retro chair. Perfect backdrop! I chose the typewriter that had hammers that actually stick up high since that made the image in my brain easier to capture. ¬†Moved the chair into the sunlight and voila: instant fun!

I’m posting two here on the blog because I like them both. But I posted the image on the Right (the hammers) for the group because it fit the assignment better. More negative space!¬†

ISO 350 1/320 second @ f 5.6

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  1. Brittney says:

    Love it!!

  2. KJK says:

    Thank you Brittney. It was a fun assignment!

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