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Hello world! Well I’m finally starting to feel better after 2.5 weeks of being sick with temps, coughing, lost voice and pneumonia!! Yuck. Now you know the reason for the lack of posts, tweets or other updates.

I wanted to let you all know about some new features here on the blog! If you take a look on the left hand side, you’ll notice a new tab called “Reviews.” I’ve gotten a few great ones on wedding wire, which I’ve figured out how to share here as well! It’s so cool to have people write about my work!

And speaking of Wedding Wire, I’m now officially Wedding Wire Rated! So I have a cool little badge I can post on the bottom of the page. It’s like being in 4-H all over again, badges, pins, ribbons… kinda makes you swell up with pleasure. Take a look! It’s a pretty blue square. I don’t know why it says 2009 though… should be 2010, but I’ll take it!

I’m planning several fantastic events over the next few months. Photo shoots, weddings and a mini workshop day a friend and I are putting together!! Yup, my camera is ready to go, and I’m ready for the new season to begin!!

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