Kris Kandel Fargo Photographer Contest Results

The results are in for the contest!! I didn’t actually place in a winning position but I’m REALLY surprised at how many of my photos ended up being in the top 30% of all the images entered, so I’m very pleased!  There were about a quarter of a MILLION images entered into the contest. Yes, that’s right. 250,000ish photos!! Whew.  If I can consider myself to be in the top 30% of photographers world wide … that’s huge (and I must admit I don’t feel like I’m that good… yet). 😉

So here’s the breakdown of how my images placed:

My highest placing image placed in the top 100 images in the category:

(they don’t tell you the exact number placement until you reach the top 20 images, so I don’t know the exact number, just top 100).

There were 6,514 images in the ring shot category so that’s pretty good!

This image came from Jordan & Aaron’s engagement session. 

This second ring shot reached the Finalist round!

The image comes from Kelly & Bryan’s Thumper Pond Wedding last year. 

These shoes reached the top 10% in the detail category.

These gorgeous blinged out shoes come from Carly & Randy’s winter wedding last year!

The bride & groom category was the stiffest competition with over 26,589 images entered!! This shot made it to the top 20%:

This awesome architectural shot featured the UND alumni center wedding I photographed in Grand Forks last year. 

Wedding party category made top 30%:

Featuring Cassie & Tyler’s wedding party!

Senior Category  made top 30%:

Maddie’s gorgeous senior portrait session was too much fun, I’m so glad it placed well!

Pets reached top 30%:
There you have it. Overall I’m really happy with how everything turned out. Sure it would have been fun to win prizes in the top 20 images, but I honestly didn’t think I’d get this far, so that’s a win in my books. 😀

To see all the winning images and spend too much time with some serious eye candy check out the contest winners here:

Shoot & Share Contest 2016

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