Foodie confession

I grew up in a family that cooks food from scratch: healthy, real, unprocessed food. And I thought it was normal. Only recently have I begun to realize how un-normal that is! My sister and I will gladly eat a raw green pepper for a snack. And we all LOVE our garden produce. Right now we have buckets of green beans and tons of tomatoes coming out of the 10×10 foot green house. A good problem to have if you ask me. Nothing says summer like a fresh BLT sandwich or fresh tomato and basil spaghetti sauce. Or zucchini boats baked to golden perfection. MMMM.

I really do love good food!! So I thought I’d better ad it to the about me page on my website. : )

I’m not just a veggetable lover; I enjoy a good steak, a piece of rich dutch cheese, strong coffee, black licorice, dark chocolate with any kind of nuts … I guess you could say I have European taste buds. lol! Strong, rich flavor in small amounts. Although I do LOVE Asian food too. Hot and spicy, burn your mouth curry. Peanut sauces over grilled chicken, and aromatic Jasmin rice. Ok I just love good food. : )

I actually took the tomato photo for my club assignment last week. The assignment was (of course) Food!

ISO 200 F2.8 @ 1/1000 second

For those wanting the recipe it’s easy: Slice a tomato, stuff it with fresh basil leaves. Ad some cheese, a drip of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Easy! And oh so yummy!

So there you have it.  What are your favorite foods??

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