Carl + Amanda | Engagement Session

When Carl approached me about doing their engagement session in Minneapolis I was excited to be able to say, “I’m actually going down there the weekend of the 21st!” Afterwards I wasn’t so sure I should have been so enthusiastic, lots of details like where are we going to do photos in a place I’ve never been, and the thought of driving through rush hour traffic by myself… scary. But I told myself “It’ll be an adventure!” It turned out to be one of my favorite sessions so far this year!!! Finding new locations, exploring, driving around together, I felt that it  re-energised my creativity and I got to really know the couple (one of the main reasons for an engagement shoot is to become comfortable as a team before the wedding day!). I’m so glad it worked out!

I’m really proud of myself for FINALLY figuring out how to get the sky & the couple both perfect. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time and just haven’t had the right setting to try it. Usually the sun is too bright (it needs to be evening sunset), or the buildings are blocking the sky so it doesn’t matter if I use this technique. Anyway, all that just to say I’m thrilled to know I can actually DO what I’ve learned in my tutorials over the last two years! ; )

One of my favorite photos:

What a jackpot of a wall. I wish Fargo had a wall like this to use for wedding, senior, and engagement photography! But I’ll be happy with my one chance at it!

I am so surprised by these photos because in ‘real life’ the skyline seems so huge and looming, but in the photos it’s really small!! Strange.

Again, love the laughter!!


Thanks Carl + Amanda!!! It was a fantastic evening!!

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