Adventure Calls | Fargo wedding photographer going to WPPI!

I’m going to WPPI this year (the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention in Vegas)! It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. Yet another thing to cross of that bucket list!

I will be focusing on a small sub-workshop since the overall convention is HUGE; 14,000 photographers from around the world descend on the city! My smaller workshop will have about 200-300 people, most of whom I’ve gotten to know online this year via Showit. They are probably the most passionate, talented group of photographers I’ve ever gotten to know. Being together in person is going to be awesome!

We also have amazing speakers including  Jasmine Star, business coach Jeff Jochum, and Zach and Jody Gray, plus many others! It’s going to be 3 intense days of study, fun, networking, and more talking than I can handle! I have a feeling when I come home I’m not going to be able to say another word for a week!

It’s kind of silly, but one of the things I’m looking forward to is flying down. I’ve always loved flying, airports are magical places full of stories. People watching is the best! And since the convention is mid Feb. I’ll be able to fly away from winter for a few days! That is, if winter decides to show up this year. ; )

WPPI will be my first adventure of the year, but definitely not my last.

I just renewed my passport this week.

Somehow that little blue book gives off the feeling of freedom and anticipation.

I’m going to need it for a trip coming up, but you’ll just have to wait and find out where later. ; )

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